Bauer boys’ shooting re-enactment

On June 20, 2014, with videographer Mark Woytowich of Potlatch, several from the Matlock area participated in a re-enactment of the Bauer boys’ killing at the Bauer homestead.

Answering a desperate Facebook request, two twins from Shelton, Jayden and Kyler Colby, responded to assume the role of the twin nephews of John Tornow. Tracy Travers was their mother, Minnie Tornow Bauer.

The boys had never shot a gun a before, so it was a challenge for Dana Anderson to teach them. It was a success, and the re-enactment shooting came off without hardly a problem.

Folks who participated in Bauer shooting re-enactment are from left; Faaea Anderson, Jayden Colby, Kyler Colby, Gerad Low, Dave Boos, Dana Anderson, Bob Dick and Tracy Travers. Videographer Mark Woytowich kneels in front. Bill Lindstrom was the photographer.

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