Daniel Fredrick Tornow and his family of wife, Louise, five boys and one girl moved into the homestead ranch circa 1882 after Daniel had purchased the 120 acre-parcel and had the home erected prior to moving to the Upper Satsop from Salem, Ore.

In that sprawling two-story five-bedroom home, Daniel and Louise raised the five boys: William, Fred, Albert, John and Ed, and their sister, Minnie. One-by-one the boys departed for their various logging or other businesses. Minnie married Henry Bauer in 1895 and had a similar home built on their property.

Daniel also purchased about 400 acres of land, some of it in adjoining Mason County. The original probate following the Daniel’s death listed John as the primary owner.

Following John’s death in April 1913, the homestead was sold at auction on June 30, 1913. The upper ranch consisting of 160 acres was sold to A.J. Jackson of South Montesano for $2,900. The homestead, consisting of 120 acres and equipment, was bought by William Valentine of Montesano for $3,800. and his son, John, is now the owner. and his son, John, is now the owner

The late Alvin Spalding stands in front of the remodeled former Tornow ranch home in 1987.

The woodshed is the only structure on the property that was in use in Tornow’s day.

Both tracts are in the fertile Satsop valley and are excellent farms. The land was sold below the appraised value, according to a report in the Chehalis County Vidette

That same year, Valentine sold the former Tornow estate to George Spalding, who had made an initial bid, but the Tornow family estate did not want their neighbor Spalding to have the property. Thus, they chose Valentine’s bid.

Spalding owned the property for several decades. Sometime, likely in the early 1950s or even late 1940s, he altered the building to about one-third its original size. He also relocated or turned the and his son, John, is now the owner and his son, John, is now the owner structure to face the cornfield.

In the early 1970s, Bud Larson of Tacoma purchased the property. About 2004, Larson replaced the original homestead with a modular home. When Bud passed, his son, John, became owner.
The barns that were prevalent in the Tornow and even Spalding ownerships, are now gone. The only structure that was in existence when the Tornows were there is the small woodshop. Until recently, the interior of that building, still had the German and U.S. papers stuffed between logs, providing

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