Bringing out Tornow's body

The posse stops along the trail.

John Tornow was grotesque in death with matted hair, long beard, layers of clothing.

Tornow's body was photographed and postcards were made and sold.

Tornow's well-worn caulk boots

This rifle was taken off Tornow

Two posse members, Con Elliott and George Stormes, pose with the body.

Gravestone of Mary Bauer daughter of Henry and Minnie

This Winchester 94 rifle belonged to Charles Lathrop,...

Watch belonged to Charles Lathrop. Note bullet hole...

Plaque located inside the Court House in Montesano.

Tornow Lake in the 80's

Stormes and Elliott stand next to the fallen Tornow.

Postcard sent by Henry Bauer to Cliff Muller thanking him for assisting in the search for his boys.

Original Bauer cabin they lived in while building their larger home.

A window from inside the Bauer house.

Staircase inside the Bauer home.

Back view of the Bauer home today.

The original Tornow homestead.

Grave marker for Charles Lathrop in Bristol, Vt.

Old bottle inside Bauer House

The Tornow homestead as it appeared in 1980s.

Charles Lathrop prior to coming to Shelton in 1898.

Front page of the Aberdeen Daily World, April 19, 1913

Slides of Tornow and his victims were shown at the Weir Theater in Aberdeen.

As a young man, John Tornow, second left, worked for the Rogers Logging Co. in Shelton.

This program from 1896 shows Tornow participating in the school Christmas program.

Montesano at the turn of the century.

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