Enjoy these photos of Doug, Dave and Duane Lathrop as they visited sites critical to the Tornow tragedy and the life their great-grandfather lived in the Matlock-Shelton area.

Doug, Duane and Dave Lathrop sit atop the memorial.

Justin Madanifard, with rifle, joins the Lathrops.

The Lathrops visit the Bauer homestead. The small house in background was their first home.

Justin Madanifard, who played Tornow in the re-enactment, joins the Lathrops.

Dave, Doug and Duane Lathrop at the Tornow gravesite.

The old Matlock grocery store, center of life when Lathrop was there.

A lone dog walks along the path of the old rail tracks.

The actual Y at Frisken Wye, where trains pulled forward.

Duane, Dave and Doug Lathrop at Duffy's for dinner.

Ralph and Susan Larson with the Lathrops at Duffy's.

The Wielands lent Elmer’s rifle to Ralph Larson. It is now at the Polson Museum in Hoquiam.

Bill Wieland, Sharilyn and Orbrey Wieland enjoy dinner.

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